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VeganMator - Organic Fertilizer for Tomato Plants (Vegan formulation) - FREE SHIPPING!

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VeganMator was inspired by our favorite Vegan gardener, Megan Baxter, and created with the Vegan organic gardener in mind.

VeganMator is rich in soft-rock phosphorus and trace minerals, as well as a beautiful combination of other Vegan-approved organic soil amendments that are perfect for tomato plants. Because these amendments build one on top of the other and are the perfect food for the microbes in your soil, you end up with wonderful microactivity that creates a super-food, in a sense, that provides the soil surrounding your plants with all the necessary elements to help produce a healthier plant and a more abundant crop. VeganMator also provides the proper nitrogen to phosphorus ratio for tomatoes. It will pay for itself by producing bigger, juicier, and absolutely incredible-tasting tomatoes -- and many more of them!


SOIL PREPARATION: To the area that you will be planting tomatoes, apply 1 to 3 cups to every 100 square feet of soil, depending on soil condition.
(1 lb. will amend 75-225 square feet of tomato growing area, 2 lbs. for 150-450 sq. ft., 10 lbs. for 750-2250 sq. ft., 15 lbs. for 1125-3375 sq. ft.)

ONGOING AMENDING: After flowers first start appearing, apply 1 tablespoon of VeganMator to the top of the soil around the base of each plant (or if you didn't amend your soil prior to planting as instructed above, increase it to 2 tablespoons per plant). As plant continues to grow, apply VeganMator further and further away from the stem to the outside edge of the growth of the plant. This will force new root growth and ensure proper nutrients to the plant. Apply every 2 weeks for entire growing season, along VeganSea seaweed weekly for a comprehensive organic and Vegan growing system. This will ensure a wonderfully-tasting, plentiful tomato crop.

WEIGHT: 4 sizes available: 1 lb., 2 lb., 10 lb., and 15 lb. at packaging

YIELD: 1 lb. is enough for 2-3 plants for an average season -- 2 plants if you haven't applied VeganMator to your soil prior to planting (and therefore use 2 tablespoons instead of 1 tablespoon per plant per application), and 3 plants if you have added VeganMator to your soil prior to planting.
Use 2 lb. for 4-6 plants. 10 lb. for 20-30 plants. 15 lb. for 30-45 plants.

GUARANTEE: If you try our entire program and you are not satisfied, we will gladly refund your money. We have never had to make good on this promise, as we have never had anyone say anything other than their plants looked healthier than ever, produced more than they'd experienced in the past, and that they couldn't believe the results! We are sure you will have the same experience — and we guarantee it. If you still aren't sure, see what other people have said about our products at the garden watchdog website, Dave's Garden.

SIDENOTE: Try this product — you will not be disappointed! — Happy Gardening! Bryan and Kim