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MegaVeggie - Annual Soil Amendment for Vegetable Gardens - FREE SHIPPING!

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MegaVeggie is a great organic soil amendment for your entire vegetable garden. When you apply it each season, it replaces nutrients and provides the soil surrounding your plants with 24 different organic elements that are necessary for overall plant health and will make your vegetable garden thrive — things like feather meal, kelp meal, blood meal, texas green sand, worm castings, guano and more. (For tomatoes, amend soil with MegaVeggie and then use MegaMator as the side dressing. For peppers, use MegePepe).

This organic soil amendment will make up for a lot of deficiencies in your soil that lead to poor production, regardless of your pH. It is designed to bring your pH to neutral, which is the ideal environment for vegetable gardening, and it will pay for itself by producing a more flavorful and more abundant crop.  You will experience more veggies per plant and superior flavor. 


SOIL PREPARATION:  Once a year (or each time you plant), apply 1 to 3 cups to every 100 square feet of soil, depending on soil condition.
(1 lb. will amend 75-225 square feet of garden soil, 2 lbs. for 150-450 sq. ft., 10 lbs. for 750-2250 sq. ft.)

ONGOING AMENDING:  Use MegaFish hydrolyzed fish every 2 weeks, and MegaSea seaweed every week throughout the growing season, along with MegaMator/MegaPepe for a 100% organic, comprehensive organic fertilzing system.

WEIGHT: 4 sizes available: 1 lb., 2 lb., 10 lb.
1 lb. will amend 75-225 sq. ft., 2 lbs. for 150-450 sq. ft., 10 lbs. for 750-2250 sq. ft.

GUARANTEE: If you try our entire program and you are not satisfied, we will gladly refund your money. We have never had to make good on this promise, as we have never had anyone say anything other than their plants looked healthier than ever, produced more than they'd experienced in the past, and that they couldn't believe the results! We are sure you will have the same experience — and we guarantee it. If you still aren't sure, see what other people have said about our products at the garden watchdog website, Dave's Garden.