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MegaStart - for Transplanting Seedlings-Starter Plants - FREE SHIPPING!

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MegaStart is an incredible organic product to use when transplanting starts. It is most beneficial to young seedlings because it provides essential nutrients that are critical for transplants to ensure optimum plant health throughout the life of the plant. When you give the proper nutrients to a plant when it's young, it sets the tone for how the mature plant will produce. Starving a young seedling will affect the production and flavor of its fruit and will risk poor results. Most products on the market are chemical-based and harmful to both the plant, the soil and the environment, and usually so toxic to young roots that it does more harm than good. What makes this organic product so unique is that it is non-burning to young roots, and adds life to the soil. MegaStart also promotes strong root development and encourages maximum blooming.


Blend 2 teaspoons of MegaStart into the soil under and around seedling before planting it into the hole. After transplanting, water with MegaSea seaweed, which will help minimize shock and promote rapid root development.

ONGOING FERTILIZING OF YOUR VEGETABLE AND OTHER SMALL PLANTS: Every 2 weeks throughout the growing season, mix 2 tablespoons of MegaFish per gallon of water and root feed (water) all plants in your garden. Make sure and also use MegaSea seaweed every week throughout the growing season, as well as MegaMator/MegaPepe/MegaVeggie as instructed, for a comprehensive organic fertilizing program for your plants.

WEIGHT: 2 sizes available: 1.0 lb. and 2.0 lb. at packaging.

YIELD: 1.0 lb. package is enough to transplant approximately 50 seedlings. 2.0 lb. package is enough to transplant approximately 100 seedlings.

GUARANTEE: If you try our entire program and you are not satisfied, we will gladly refund your money. We have never had to make good on this promise, as we have never had anyone say anything other than their plants looked healthier than ever, produced more than they'd experienced in the past, and that they couldn't believe the results! We are sure you will have the same experience — and we guarantee it. If you still aren't sure, see what other people have said about our products at the garden watchdog website, Dave's Garden.