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MegaRose - Organic Fertilizer for Rose Bushes - FREE SHIPPING!

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MegaRose is rich in magnesium, iron, and trace minerals, as well as 24 different organic soil amendments that are ideal for rose production. Because of its slow-acting nitrogen source, pigments will be allowed to develop slowly
for a more intense color, and fragrance will be enhanced. MegaRose also promotes bigger, longer-lasting blooms.


SOIL PREPARATION: To the area that you will be planting roses, apply 1 to 3 cups to every 100 square feet of soil, depending on soil condition. (1 lb. will amend 75-225 square feet of rose growing area, 2 lbs. for 150-450 sq. ft., 10 lbs. for 750-2250 sq. ft.)

ONGOING AMENDING: Apply 1/2 cup of MegaRose around the base of each rose plant monthly during growing season. As bush continues to grow, apply further and further away from the stem to the outside edge (the “drip line”) of the plant. This will promote new root growth and ensure proper nutrients get to the roots through the soil. Also, every 2 weeks during growing season, water soil around base of roses with solution of 2 tbsp. of MegaFish and 1 tsp. of MegaSea per gallon of water, using approximately one gallon per 5 rose bushes. This combination of organic amendments will promise you a beautiful rose garden.

WEIGHT: 2 sizes available: 2 lb., and 10 lb., at packaging