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Sweet Corn Organic Nursery

MegaGreensand - Organic Fertilizer that helps yellowing plants - FREE SHIPPING!

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Mega Greensand is the perfect organic soil amendment for bringing a balance of iron to iron-deficient soils, and contains a natural potash source that won’t raise alkalinity. Iron deficiency leads to an overall yellowing of plants, lawns and trees, and is extremely common in areas with high alkaline soils.

Our unique Mega Greensand soil amendment adds iron, potash, a natural nitrogen and phosphorus source, as well as trace mineral back into the soil, which sets us apart from any other product on the market. MegaGreensand will help ensure hardy, green and healthy plants, and will also naturally lower the pH in your soil, which increases the ability of your plants to take in available nitrogen. It also has unique properties that will help loosen clay soils and increase moisture retention capacity for both clay and sand soils.


Spread 1 lb. per 100 square feet with a lawn spreader or throw evenly on lawns or gardens prior to planting or tilling. Or, for ongoing amending, side dress as needed with approximately 2 tablespoons for small plants, 1/2 cup for larger bushes or 1 cup for trees.

WEIGHT: 3 sizes available: 1 lb., 2 lb., and 10 lb., at packaging