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MegaCitrus - Organic Fertilizer for Citrus - FREE SHIPPING!

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MegaCitrus is rich in magnesium and other trace minerals, as well as 24 different organic soil amendments that are ideal for citrus trees. MegaCitrus lowers the pH in the soil naturally to levels that are optimal for citrus production, and includes nutrients like iron to support optimal growth and vigor. When you use it in conjunction with MegaSea, it will add trace mineral as well and will make your citrus extremely sweet.

SOIL PREPARATION: Apply 3 cups to every 100 square feet of soil around the base of your citrus trees.

ONGOING AMENDING: Three times a year — Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day — apply one cup of MegaCitrus for every 5 feet of height of tree to the soil around the base of each tree. Water or gently scratch in. As tree continues to grow, apply further and further away from the trunk to the outside edge (the “drip line”) of the growth of the tree. This will promote new root growth and ensure proper nutrients get to the roots through the soil. Also, after each application, water soil around base of trees with solution of 4 tbsp. of MegaFish and 2 tsp. of MegaSea to each gallon of water, using a minumum of 3 to 6 gallons per tree. This will ensure a wonderfully-tasting, sweet and plentiful citrus crop.

WEIGHT: 3 sizes available: 2 lb., 10 lb. of at packaging.

YIELD: There is approximately 6 cups of product in a 2 lb. package, so this size is ideal for a couple potted patio citrus trees or 1 fruit tree for a year. There is approximately 30 cups in a 10 lb. bag.