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MegaBone - Perfect for Transplanting - FREE SHIPPING!

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MegaBone is a special organic mix of bone meal, trace minerals and iron that supplies long-acting phosphorus and other nutrients when transplanting to stimulate sturdy root systems and promote healthy growth. It can be used when transplanting most everything, from vegetables, flowers and more, but because it is slow-acting it is especially ideal for transplanting trees, roses and other plants that have a longer life span. For transplanting vegetable starts, we prefer MegaStart instead.


TRANSPLANTING: For transplanting, blend into soil at the bottom and sides of planting hole. Apply one to two tablespoons for vegetables or other small plants or flowers, 1 cup for roses, 1 cup for bushes or 1-2 cups for trees, depending on size. After transplanting, water thoroughly with MegaSea seaweed solution which will help minimize shock. After transplanting, water with MegaSea seaweed, which will help minimize shock.

AMENDING SOIL: For amending soil, apply 1-6 cups per 100 square feet for vegetable beds, depending on soil conditions.

WEIGHT: 2 sizes available: 1 lb. and 2 lb. at packaging.

YIELD: 1 lbs. is approximately 2 cups and is enough to transplant multiple plants or will amend 50-300 square feet, depending on soil conditions. 2 lb. will amend 100-600 sq. ft.