How To Amend and Prep Your Existing Garden Beds

Each year prior to planting, it is ideal if you add at least ½” of finished compost to the soil of your vegetable garden beds. We also recommend sprinkling MegaVeggie on top with a ratio of 1-3 cups (depending on the condition of your soil) per 100 square feet of garden bed.

Finished compost will add to the microbial activity in your soil and will replace a lot of nutrients taken out of your beds the prior season, and MegaVeggie contains 24 different organic soil amendments that are ideal for vegetable gardening – things like feather meal, kelp meal, blood meal, texas green sand, worm castings, guano and more.

Then, ongoing, don't forget to use MegaFish and MegaSea. These two products are the organic alternative to chemical fertilizing. MegaFish is a hydrolyzed liquid whole fish product that provides fast-acting and long-lasting nutrients to the soil that feeds the whole plant. It contains protein and three primary plant nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potash.

MegaSea seaweed contains all the beneficial trace minerals necessary for overall plant health. It does a lot of great things for plants: it helps create an environment in the soil that will help plants weather frost and drought conditions, therefore helping extend the season a bit, as well as helps raise the natural sugar levels in plants which helps ward off insect and disease problems.

If annually you add compost and MegaVeggie, you'll be starting the season off right. Then, by using MegaFish and MegaSea thereafter (along with MegaMator for tomatoes and MegaPepe for peppers), you'll have a fantastic 100% organic program for amending soil for a more bountiful harvest!

Happy Gardening!

    -  Bryan